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about us

We are specialists on provide support and logistic services, for cinematography, photography, TV production, and we can handle big projects customized to our client’s budget.

Home Production Company OBEKANA Films.

Obekana Films is a Home Production Company with extensive experience in the film industry. We are specialists with a cinematic experience of 25 years doing TV commercials, documentaries, TV series, commercials for the Latino market. Commercial for Spain.

13 years radicand in the city of Cancun Quintana Roo. Where I offer production services for film producers who need the east of our beautiful country.

Quintana Roo has the best natural locations, it is why it is the best choice for production. All you need is to send an email from your technical needs, and will gladly offer the service. We have film crew in the city of Cancun. Everything you need to work outside of a quick and versatile way for productions today, where much limited by budget and traveling with little technical staff.

Let us be useful in your next production. It will be a pleasure to work together.