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When is necessary we offer alternatives for our clients according to their budget. Productions with limited finances, often causes them to fail and in consequence the project does not come to realization. That’s why Cuba is an excellent option for commercial shooting where the locations can be used for video clips and television; we provide the service of logistic, production, and shooting.

Home Production Company OBEKANA Films.

The magic to film in the Mexican Southeastern consists on its beautiful nature that is characterized by the blue turquoise of the sea, its natural wells, Mayan ruins, temples, cascades and lagoons.

Areas of great reserve with virgin beaches combined with the beautiful city of Cancún where we have shooting studios and houses with access to the beach, elegant boats as same as rustic. We cant forget the hotel zone that it is possible to be enjoyed with the best restaurants, shopping malls and worldwide renowned night clubs.

In aim Cancún it is a magical place for producers, rich in locations; and most important we have the support of the state government authorities for this type of events. We know that each production is unique, let us know the requirements for your production so we can give you the best service and quality on the southeastern Mexico.